As if being a “Fan” of your own wasn’t enough, Shahrukh Khan is now coming up with a new movie where he will be playing the role of a dwarf. The movie is speculated to come a whole year later but the teaser was launched recently to get the promotions going. We wonder how bad is the movie that it needs a year full of promotions. Anyway, the teaser is out and it features Shahrukh Khan as dwarf dancing on an old no. – “humko tumpe pyaar aaya ..”. The clip showed Khan in a never-seen-before avatar, while his character, who is vertically stunted in growth, makes a confident entry into the set. It is believed that the film casts two very beautiful divas of Bollywood- Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in lead roles opposite Shahrukh Khan.

 After the release of the teaser, a lot of jokes have been made regarding the fact that Salman was first offered this movie and he rejected it and the fact that Padmavati was so scrutinized by the censor board so Shahrukh has called it ” Zero”so that the censor board cannot add, subtract, multiply, divide anything from the title.

The teaser also received some very harsh remarks such as – zero is the no. of good movies that Shahrukh Khan has done in the past 5 years. We do not want to sound judgemental but Zero is giving us zero vibes of excitement. We hope that the movie is much better than the trailer.




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