For those of you who have seen Emma Watson’s post‘s and a lost more celebrities talking about the Times Up movement and adorning the black outfit, we have for you here why and what it exactly stands for. This movement has gained momentum since last Sunday’s Golden Globes event where Hollywood stood up behind an organization that takes into regard the current situation of harassment, inequality, and injustice against women in their area of work. The Times up organization took to it as a personal motto and asked Hollywood celebrities to wear black as a symbol of their rebel against this evil, there were also pins that could be worn as a sign of protest.

This new organization that is formed by the power women of all capacities most of which are from the Hollywood Boulevard, has aimed to support the victims and bring them to justice. The whole Idea is to do the greater good and create a safe place for women to work and progress in this patriarchal society. Of course, any such movement needs a large amount of funding and they are looking at the society to come forward and donate. You can also buy the merchandise at times up and give your support (100% of the proceeds will be gone to the Legal Defense Fund). The donation is not only open for cash but in kind as well since this involves a lot of legal services if you are an attorney you can offer your services and solutions. The organization was able to raise a good amount of $16.2 million which will now be used for supporting the cause.

The main feature item that has gained a lot of publicity past week is the basic black and white t-shirt with the Times Up logo on it which was seen adorned by multiple celebrities like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and many more. Though the shop and the movement are fairly new it has created a huge buzz in the social lives of a lot of people and the t-shirts are selling as hot cakes with a waitlist of 4-6 weeks. It is refreshing and heartening to see that not only the celebrities but the commoners are also doing their best to support the cause. A large number of lawyers and interns and attorneys have offered free services in the support of the organization. This shows that if there is a worthy cause and you bring it right the people still care to make a change.

You can pre-order your tee from various online platforms and also check out some links in the Instagram feeds of these celebrities. We are in complete support of the cause and would like our readers to do the same by whichever means possible.


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