The Big Bang Theory Actress Kaley Christine Cuoco was recently engaged and as per her social media feed, she is totally psyched about it. Despite the age difference and Cuoco’s marriage problems earlier, it has been a whirlwind romance one that has caught a lot of attention on the internet. After her divorce with tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting, Cuoco took a new perspective on Love and marriage. Though her relationships failed she never really gave up on love or acting. Her career has only thrived; every time she is brought down she finds a way to climb higher.

Their love affair began with their shared affection for horses. The actress has been riding for years and has several horses of her own. They actually met at a horse show, where she knew and declared that she “finally found her horse guy.”

Their connection over the similar things and the common goals are what keeps them together and bound. This, in fact, led to a very romantic engagement! Of course, she posted a very goofy and cute picture of herself admiring the ring.

Although her friends have not taken this huge romantic journey very keenly as we have witnessed most of them advising her against the whole idea of marrying again. They think if she walks down the aisle again, it’s not going to last because she bounced back from a divorce too quickly.

However, the advice has had no effect on Cuoco. Kaley is very happy with her life and the pleasant change of events. She’s been dating Karl for almost two years and she wants a wedding. So I guess a wedding is in order.


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