It seems that the Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde cannot stop celebrating her victory. She is being repeatedly spotted partying, dancing, taking pictures and making videos every chance she gets and it seems her fans love it. It is a sweet thing that after all this time in the bigg boss house Shilpa is now free to do as she pleases and to meet and talk to all her friends and family.

She was seen dressed in a red sequin top with a front slit. It was amazing to see her soul let go and let her hair down in sweet small waves of happy delight. She looked very happy and excited to finally join the world back. She has been a favorite within her fans since she acted in the popular TV show – Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. She played the role of a simple housewife who played sort of a dumb blonde married to an old fart.

She got this amazing opportunity to participate in the Bigg Boss 11 reality show and her fans gave her full support. She was rumored to be the most popular contestant on the show and was the most talked about as well. She was very well tweeted as well. Tweets related to Bigg Boss 11 recorded over 5.7 million convos; she was mentioned in almost all of them.

Hina Khan who was also very popular through the show created a lot of drama on the social media platforms definitely for the wrong reasons. It was a cat fight in the end but Shilpa soared through and won. We are very happy about the winning and congratulate her from the bottom of our hearts.


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