Surat is a major textile destination with a major stream of manufacturing and development. If you are interested in Indian traditional textiles you will find the best designs and fabrics here as compared to any other city. Surat has thrived on textile trade and had extreme international exposure with an ability to absorb outsiders. The diverse culture culminated by the various people who have traveled and nested here for the trade has mingled over the years into the very popular, Surti nature.’

Food, friends, fashion, finance, and fun are the main perspectives of citizens in Surat. The lifestyle in Surat actually is all about working 5 days and making all the money whereas being completely laid back during the weekends. Weekends in Surat are like a mini-festival on the streets, with street foods and colorful fashion spread out through various demographics of the city.

On your trip to the bazaars in Surat, you are likely to be bitten by the shopping bug, but then that is hardly any surprise given that the city boasts of an amazing array of shopping stuff including colorful ghagra-cholis, exquisite dresses, dainty saris, and lots more.

Dumas Road is a good option if you like malls. It includes the likes of VR Mall, RahulRaj Mall, the biggest in Surat (and strictly veg!), and Iscon Mall. Dumas Square brings the spirit and vibrancy of the Dumas Road. This is the hottest hotspot in town. Coffee, ice cream, art, conversation, friends and a whole lot of masti! This is where all the magic happens.

The Textile Market south of Sahara Gate offers a huge variety of sarees, salwar kameez, dress material and embroidered fabrics. The textile MARKET at Surat displays embroidered saris and drapes that is the traditional dress of the Indian WOMEN.

Many major malls, restaurants and shopping centers of Surat like Sarela Shopping Centre, Jolly Arcade, Rangila Park, Regent Mall, G3, and Chocolate Mall are located on this road. The best ladies boutiques like RAMA’S Haute Couture, Tambour, Tamarind, Aquarians etc. are located here. The road is most well-known for its high-quality lifestyle.

It’s hard to see the selection from the outside, but once you’ve chosen a place, you take off your shoes, go inside to th­­­­eir showroom and sit to see numerous fabrics you will fall in love with Surat.



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