From multiple ear piercings to stylish nose rings, the trend has taken its own beautiful course. Once upon a time, only brides wore nose rings. Nose rings were the jewelry that represented the bride gene. But now nose rings are for every woman with a little bit of style. The major change in the style is that it has been mixed with a little bit of grunge and a little bit of boho. Not only women men have taken up the style as well. We have to admit though it has been cool and given a chance to the jewelry designers to design innovative styles.

From bulls to bully’s and now to every sweet face in the country. There are multiple ways you can wear a nose ring and definitely multiple styles that you can adapt to. Here we have for you the new and stylish ways you can adorn a nose ring and that too with the most minimum price.

Amongst the many styles available the silver loop is the most common and the most popular. It can be worn sideways or in the middle like the bulls used to. A long face and a beautiful jawline are what makes for the best face for nose rings.

The second most popular is the stud, a silver or gold stud is very cute and easy to choose as its low visibility makes you feel better about the new change that you have made. A small diamond works beautifully for women who are more into the cultural bend of this style.

The third kind involves a bit of an extension may be a few pearls of bells or gemstones. Some girls prefer colored matching stones to their outfits or the color of their eyes. Flower style nose rings are very cute and suitable for the sweet and sensitive adorable young women. It is pleasant and very very charming. If you wish to dazzle a sweet boy this is the way to go.

It seems that the nose ring has become timeless in its own way and the jewelry design might change but the trend is here to stay. We advise you to get your nose pierced or get those clip-ons.


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