We often find people around us who are too healthy to fall sick. We may blame our genes for our poor immunity but our lifestyle is a major cause for the same. So, here are 10 things which healthy people do and one must follow if don’t want to fall sick.

1.Think Positive

Positive thinking is like the foundation for a strong body and mind. If you believe that you will fall sick merely by sitting around someone who is coughing, so you will. However, if you think another way you will stay fit. A research also proved that if you think positive, you are 3 to 4 times less likely to have cold.

2.Drink Enough Water

Eight glasses of water a day is not the rule for everyone. Every person has different requirement. It is calculated by a simple method. For every 20 kilos of weight, drink a litre of water. So, if your weight is 60 kgs, your water consumption should be 3 litres a day.

3.Get Enough Sleep

Proper sleep is a key for healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep will have adverse effect on immunity. If you are not getting proper sleep, chances of developing cold and flu are more.

4.Disinfect the Phones

Mobile phone is a home for bacteria. It is  very important thing is to swipe them off from there every day, twice if possible. Continuous use of mobile phones can cause sickness due to the presence of harmful bacteria.

5.Laugh without reason

People who watch comedy and funny videos has better infection fighting cells. Go for comedy shows instead of mystery, horror and crime shows. Always find a chance to laugh.

6.Wash Hands Frequently 

Washing hands frequently and thoroughly is a simple practice that can help to stay healthy. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after every time you use the washroom, before eating, after you touched an unclean surface. It helps to maintain your immunity to fight with diseases.

7.Follow Fitness Regime

Regular fitness routine must be there. Be it yoga, gym, Zumba, aerobics, or any other exercise! Choose one of them and stick to it.

8.Love for Green Vegetables

Say yes to green vegetables. Include green veggies in your diet as they are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins which helps to fight against diseases and strengthen your immunity.

9.No Unhealthy Diet

Excessive sugar, processed foods, junk foods are considered unhealthy food. Healthy people eat home-cooked meals and eat outside only once in a while.

10.Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very helpful in boosting immunity level. Vitamin C can be obtained from a cup of green bell pepper which meets the daily requirement for the vitamin is 60 to 90 mg.There are also other sources of Vitamin C which should be included in your daily diet.



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