Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman.

Who doesn’t want to be prettier or have your skin glow like snow? To have your hair bounce and shine, and your eyes sparkle, we all want to look better, feel better from the inside and out. To know that we have that little extra that no one else has. Believe me when I say that a good hair day can change the whole plan of your day and leave with that never-ending smile.

There are of course multiple expensive treatments and make-up brands to help you look the way you want but what if you could get all that by making small changes to your diet. It’s easy to look good with additions but what if you could get that beautiful naturally.

The purpose of this written matter here is to share with you some secrets that we have gained over time. Secrets that will help your body to naturally exit the toxins that are making you look old and tired and bring a fresh vide through you while repairing your every inch from the inside.Simply making a few changes will save you lots of money on make-up.

First on the list is Low Fat Yogurt. Yogurt has calcium which will give strong bones, a better posture and lovely nails that don’t chip away easily. The calcium will add a dazzle to your smile while the zinc will make your skin better and healthier.

The second on the list is salmon which a pure source of omega3 that will go directly to your eyes and make your brain sharper and improves the blood flow to your body. A good flow of blood will avoid all the zits that you don’t like.

Blueberries and kiwi are the tasty side of the diet that are sweet and healthy at the same time. They are rich sources of Vitamin C and antioxidants which will enrich your skin and avoid the aging symptoms such as wrinkles, laugh lines and worry lines.

Tomatoes are antioxidants in abundance while walnuts will make your skin smoother and eyes brighter. If you thought that your eyes are beautiful, just have a few walnuts every day and see the magic happen.



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