1. Host must be present before you start a meal

2. Don’t blow your food and spill it on others, wait for it to cool down.

3. Always pass both salt and pepper together even if someone asked for one of them.

4. Once you pick up the silverware from the table, It should be  kept on the plate after.

5. Always keep your mouth closed while eating.

6. The knife and fork are supposed to be held with handles in hand, forefinger on top and thumb underneath.

7. Never use your fingers to push your food into your spoon.

7. Keep the bread on your right meal in the centre and water on your left.

9. Do not drink while chewing your food.

10. Never add salt and pepper before tasting the food.

11. Avoid placing your elbows on the dining table.

12. Always try and match your eating pace with others.

13. Never lick your spoon or plate after eating.

14. Once you’re done, place the fork and knife in the centre of the plate.

15. Thank the host before you leave.

Its Basic, guys,Basic!!!



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