In this time and generation when fast food has become the only food that we consume, it is very important to balance the diet for a stronger and healthier life. Food is an essential component of our health, it is what gives us energy and keeps us running. It is also the very thing if consumed wrong can stop us from moving at all.

A well-balanced diet comprises of a good load of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. Eating vegetables or also known as eating green provides a lot of healthy outcomes – people who eat more vegetable and fruits have a lesser risk of having diseases. Their immune systems get stronger and the body stays fit and active every day.

Most vegetables have no or low cholesterol which prevents the possibility of a heart disease. Vegetables also contain vitamins like vitamin C which strengthens the immune system. The fiber helps in a good digestive system and a high metabolic rate.

A Diet rich in potassium helps to sustain a healthy blood pressure. You can find potassium in spinach, lentils, kidney beans and many other beans and green foliage. Whereas Vitamin A is extremely good for your eyes and skin and it protects you against infections and other problems.

To start eating green all you need to do is to add the above-mentioned components in your diet to live a healthy life.


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