`When you’ve had a bad day, you have had a fight, or you wanted something to happen and it didn’t the first thing you can think about is good food and good wine? Have you ever wondered why? Why is that food our first resort for every problem in the book? Why can’t we ever get enough of it or enough comfort from it? When someone dies we send their families to comfort food, lots and lots of it. There are cultures where for every problem there is a food solution. The whole problem of obesity comes from the fact that food can comfort you. Today, here we are going to tell you how.

There is no pure fact to it but hormones. Hormones are the major reason we do anything and everything. From waking up, choosing what to wear and what to eat. Hormones reflect upon most of our decisions every day. The food we eat breaks down to basically energy, but eating something that we like or are pre-requisite to like excretes certain hormones in our brain which activate the happy part of the brain. Hence making us believe that the food is making us happy. But indirectly we have trained our brain to relate the two.

And hence a cheesy fatty cheeseburger and some fries would calm you more than a pep talk from a friend. A pizza does wonders for many people and so does a tub of ice-cream. Women tend to turn towards chocolate and deserts as they are pretty representations and hence activating a whole bunch of hormones in their brain.

It’s not a bad thing for you to choose food, but let’s just say that it’s all in the head. Stay healthy, stay happy and don’t let that food comfort you more than you need to.


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