According to the experts, the resolutions taken only for rituals of half-heartedness have never been completed. In a research conducted by the website StatisticalBrain.Com, 41 percent of the people in the United States each year take a resolution on the new year, while 42 percent of the people never took any resolution on the new year. Only 9.2 percent of the people are successful in fulfilling their resolution and 42.4 percent of the people fail to complete this year.

The survey also found that 21.4 percent of the people (highest) took the pledge to reduce the weight/healthier food this year.After that 12.3 percent improvement in life, 8.5 percent better financial decision- making, 7.1 percent quit smoking, 6.2 spend more time with family, 5.5 percent exercise, 5.2 percent doing good work for others, 4.3 percent love their life. People took the pledge to find and work for 4.1 percent new jobs.

According to the survey conducted by Randstad Work Monitor in 2012, 8 out of 10 people working in India had taken a resolution on new year. of these 83 percent said their resolution was primarily linked to careers. At the same time, Indians had the highest percentage of people taking the resolution.


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