We often wonder how we could capture something and keep it with us forever. People have frames in their house and lots and lots of photo albums. But when something really touches our soul we often want it to be with us. Someone very famous once said –

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”

Life is too short to let those beautiful sights and stories become just sights and stories. You can add some ink to the mix and have that loved memory engraved in your skin. Yes, we are talking about tattoos, beautiful nature filled and soul filled tattoos that will make you keep those sweet secluded thoughts turned into impressions on your skin.

A tattoo is who you are and who you want to be, it’s your hopes your dreams. It’s everything you want to hide and everything you want to express. There are many tattoo designs out there but the best ones are the nature imprints. If you are a wanderer or an explorer there is nothing more you would like your tattoo to say then what you feel at the first sight of the sun rising and the beauty of a flower bloom.

The best tattoo you can get is a small flower maybe black and white or in color placed on your ankle, back or neck. You can have it anywhere and it’s delicate and it represents growth and beauty. If you want something edgier and graphics, you can try the tulip flower print in beautiful and mellow color shades. Pastels are the shades to go for. The watercolor effect on a rose or a beautiful twig will touch your soul every time you see it.

The greens and ferns are also very appealing; it’s just like keeping those leaves in your notebook and storing those scents in the pages of your diary forever. A beautiful fern leaf or a thorn branch makes a very nice tattoo design. You can also replicate the best Mountain View or your first encounter with a bear or a reindeer. You can have a pet or the need for a pet into a beautiful animal tattoo.

In this busy city life, we are leaving the nature behind and parts of our souls with it. Maybe we need a constant reminder of the same; maybe we need it inked in us to be closer to it every day.


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