When it comes to travel, we always imagine beaches and water because obviously it looks relaxing but let us assure you that beaches are not the only place to relax. The mountains on the other hand are quietest and most serene place you can ever be. Northern India is laid with beautiful mountains that we proudly call as the crown of India.

The white snowy mountains have multiple spots where you can camp, hike or light a bonfire and contemplate your hopes and dreams. The Kashmir circuit especially – Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, and Srinagar are basically paradise on earth. The lakes will never let you leave such as the Dal Lake, Betab Valley, Strawberry Fields, and Apharwat Peak.

The other reason you should never skip a trip to the north is the amazing cuisine. Chole bhature, alloo puri and multiple other delicious dishes that will just enchant you and your stomach for sure. If you are not a foodie, you will definitely promise one. And as far as weight gain is considered the mountain trails are huge for long walks.

Shopping is another attraction in these parts, if you love pashmina then there is no better place to get those lovely scarves for everyone you love. The jackets and sweaters will never be the same anywhere else. There are many malls in the major cities that provide luxury-shopping experience.

If you are a history buff, the forts and monuments will keep you busy and the photography none the less is amazingly showing off. Believe us when we say that the northern air has magic. When the pure air of the mountains touches you, you glow like a star. That one photo can get multiple likes.

Last but not the least, if you are the adventurous kinds then there is a vast wildlife. Flora and fauna for you to explore and of course how can we forget the adventure sports such as cliff diving and bungee jumping and river rafting.

One thing is for sure when you leave here you will be in love with the north…..


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