While we are stuck in this winter’s icy grip, it’s comforting to know that there are warmer and greener places you can escape to. Our guide to the best warm getaways—from this chill and layering of clothing will lead to amazing places where you can have a worry-free vacation. In no time you will be running across the soft warm sand and let the sun tan your spirit away. Make sure you have your bathing suit!!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Radhanagar Beach is known to be Asia’s best and world’s 7th best beach. The beautiful white sands on the islands are the best attraction and therefore are a very popular spot for family vacations on the beaches. The long and lovely stretch of blue waters is very inviting and the greenery provides the freshness that we escape the city for. Also, there are various water sports and fun things to do.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry         

Paradise Beach in Pondicherry is a visual paradise with its gold sand spreads and turquoise waters spread as far as you can see. There are lovely beaches located nearby and that can be accessed by a boat. These beaches may be a bit secluded but they have huge crowds of happy families and tourists laid out under brightly colored umbrellas. Picnic baskets and a few drinks liven up the place for families. The calm waters also allow the kids to play freely and parents to relax worry-free.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Beautiful clean and clear beaches with lighthouses, what is not to like about this place. It is serenity and peace showers throughout the day hence being the perfect family vacation spot. The best part is the numerable good stay options and hotels around these beaches. The perfect view of the sun rising from the window of your hotel room. Isn’t that perfect? The other best part is the breakfast options pancakes and south Indian cuisines all in the hot steamy avatar dressed along with beach flowers and fresh juices.  The Eve’s beach is popular for its calm waters suitable for swimming.

Marina Beach, Tamil Nadu

The second longest beach in the world is an attractive feature on its own, I wonder how many of you would like it to explore it end to end. Well, that much beach space also allows a lot of privacy and free space for beach sports and fun activities. A stroll on the beach, trying delicious local cuisines from beach shacks, horse riding, and exploring the beach carts and driving across the beach are good ways to spend the day.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

If you are into scuba diving and exploring the depth of seas then this wonderful beach is the place to be. Tourists have loved the fantastic views of the underwater foliage and the snorkeling experience which almost divine. The clear waters offer great prospects for underwater photography for photographers across the globe.

We assure you that if winter is not your favorite time and you want to escape the chill there is nothing better than booking yourself a beautiful stay at one of these locations. Try out our holiday packages from olatrips.com.


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