Do you love to travel? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t!

We all love to travel, travel to new places and new countries, with friends and family and sometimes just alone. Travelling is the escape we all need from our busy lives and hectic schedules. We travel to free ourselves from the day to day and just stay still and breathe. Breathe in the fresh air and see the stunning sunrise. Feel the freedom to wander and explore outside the walls of your homes and offices.

Everyone wants to travel but the hardest thing is that we cannot always gather the funds we need to travel. But recently we found a way out of it. The simplest and the easiest way actually is a means that we are hooked on every minute of every day. How about I tell you that you can, very easy and cheap and take happy photographs in every corner of the world you like. And if you are wondering what this is a hypothesis, let me tell you that it isn’t. It is very much possible to let us guide you through.

Have you heard about the website couch surfing? It’s a website that is popular for its ability to connect you to locals at the place you visit and, get you some local friends and guides and even places to stay. It’s like the app “happn” that allows you to find people around you with similar interest or not. It’s a fun feature on the website.

Young girl with a suitcase. Vacation concept

Not very long ago there was a female who traveled the world by using the internet as her source to make friends. She made friends in every nook and corner and then traveled there stayed with the friends and friends of friends. She got to explore places with the locals, get the best spots to capture and explore and local cuisines. She be-friended approximately 70 strangers in 20 different countries and wandered every bit her heart desired.

It took her over a year and maybe she is still on the roads, the thing to take away here is that if you really do want to travel to places there is always a way. Challenge yourself, find a way and follow your heart. This is one life and a limited no. for years to see everything you want to see.



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