There was a time when fashion was all about the uncomfortable, the restricting and the glamorous until it changed. 2017 saw this wave of comfort fly in and suddenly all the comfortable fashion became style. The gym clothes became fashion statements, simple mono colored t-shirts and basic denims became the fashion to adapt and beat. With the basics came the basic shoes and so the sneakers became a big fashion revolution in the past year and continuing as we speak.

Well, there is not much to wonder why as sneakers provide full foot support, they are easy to wear and do almost anything like walk, run, and jog. They are stable and provide balancing control so that you don’t twist your ankle or heel. The best damn feature is the insoles that get you a feeling like you are walking on clouds.

You can wear them the whole day, every day. And that’s probably why everyone is wearing them everywhere. They have become the most versatile footwear for every occasion. Girls and boys everywhere are hooked on the sneakers.

The White Sneakers –Though sludge, snow or dirt, you aren’t afraid to wear it white. White sneakers are the shoes that have replaced almost all your other shoes. We’re living in a world where staining the white is no longer an issue. So the white is the sneaker to go for, there are multiple designs on the white sneaker pallet. Different colored laces or logos have worked to be very popular.

The Florals –Everywhere you will look, you will see someone in floral print. Thanks to all of the brands who have put their own special stamps on the style, the budding perennial trend. Lovely floral prints on sneakers or some embroidered patch of red roses and leaves are top on the list.

Athletic Sneakers –If the sporty feel of your shoes is what you need to be stylish, then kicks are your thing. Their athletic appearance is what attracts the masses and should be on your shoe rack right now!

Basketball Sneakers –These sneakers have got the ankles covered and the denims falling.The high top sneakers or better known as the basketball sneakers are the ones to have. Almost all the cool kids are wearing them these days.

And so the sneakers have made favorites and you should get yours soon.


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